Jay-Z has launched a new blog, Life and Times, which basically features stuff he (or a cool member if his staff) likes. The UI is really slick grid block stucture. I’m not sure how much Jay actually contributes, but the site clearly indicates his role as influencer and taste maker with such a range of content from, Design, technology, sports and of course music.

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Bidness, never personal

February 18, 2011

The new literally journal, provocatively titled”Coon Bidness” launched by Greg Tate and LaTasha N.Diggs. Pulling together the work of a litany of writers, artists and intellectuals this new project definitely aims to challenge the status quo of the African American literary classes. The Blackadelic Pop blog has an interview with Greg and Latasha where Tate describes the project like Muhammad Ali, the loneliest of boxing laureates. I think they may be on to something.

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