August 2011

A young Crazy Legs in this unseen footage from Style Wars. Here he talks briefly about inheriting the Rock Steady Crew mantle and seeking out new dancers. he battle between them and the Dynamic Rockers would be waged on dance floors for the next decade.

Back then it wasn’t even called hiphop or b-boying, it was just Rockin’. I can’t think of a movie which changed so many lives around the world.

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August 22, 2011

Channel 4 in the UK are showing an adapted version of the ‘Random’ which played at the Royal Court to crtitcal acclaim in 2008. Initialy a one woman play it follows the story of a family who are blighted by a random act of violence.
Written by Debbie Tucker Green the story is narrated by ‘Sister; movingly played by Nadine Marshall (The Smoking Room )

Watch the Trailer here

Channel 4, Tuesday 23rd August, 10pm

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1. Terminator T1000
We’re not quite heading for for Armageddon just yet, but skynet became self-aware on August 29 1997, surely a couple of T1000s couple help out where dave and Boris can’t.

2. Darth Vadar
The Darkside of the force a death star, clones, light sabers…sheeeeeeeeeet. Nuff said.

3. Superman
Where’s the man in tights when you need him

4. The Predator
First of all you can’t see past that cloking device, and with enough intergalatic weaponry to take down a whole jungle. I’m sure The predator would make short work of the Whitgift Shopping centre in Croydon.

5. Mr T.
Maybe we just need to go straight ghetto. B.A. Baracus could lock down these hooded youths quicktime, with his ingenuity and skill at building weapons, he could work it out. Just don’t fly anywhere

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